No “Back Order” Dock Floats

Our “No Back Order” Promise

To keep our “No Back Order” we ship from the manufacture in Goose Creek South Carolina and from our warehouse in Chapin, South Carolina. We been selling dock floatation for over 15 years and the biggest challenge has been keeping supply for the spring and summer months. We only stock and sell a limited amount of sizes of floats to insure a “No Back Order policy.

Why choose the Carolina Waterworks Floats?

CWI offers the most advanced line of easily installed dock floats with maximum lift capacity. For the waterfront resident, boaters, and marinas, the floats are constructed of thick-walled rotationally molded polyethylene shell that encapsulates expanded polystyrene- the finest flotation material available today.
The thick polyethylene shell is impact resistant and will also resist damage from marine life. Expanded polystyrene has 1 lb. – 1.5 lbs. density and will pass a 7- day water absorption test. CWI also have the best warranty in the business, a full 12 years, and this is your assurance of quality performance. (Downloadable Warranty Document). The thick walled plastic float case is packed with EPS that is environmentally approved and exceeds all new government regulations.

Need help calculating the number of floats needed for your project?