About Us

We offer dependable dock floats that can be easily applied to any new or existing dock system. Our choice of float is the CWI Docks floats made in the USA. These dock floats are foam-filled and are encapsulated in a .150″ nominally thick shell. Our Floats are one piece rotational molded shell with EPS Inside. We been selling docks floats since 2005 and  carried various types (Blow Molded), (Rotational Molded), & (thermoformed) manufactuers in the past. We can tell a couple of things in our opinion with our years our experience with dock floats. number one if they Corp of Engineer its a amazing durable products. each type  of float design has it own quaility but hands down the most econimical and durable and best built floats are the rotational molded ones.


www.carolinadocks.com website was launched. Selling dock floats, hardware, and jet  ski docks to be shipped nationwide.

With demand of Jet Ski Docks we launched another site called carolinafloats.com  which specialized in drive on jet ski docks with new patent designs. Over time demand for different size jet ski docks and extensions gave us the idea to created new size pwc docks and extensions to make them wider and longer and to satisfy the customer market

Demand for larger and more variety of dock floats, more sizes and types (Blow molded flanged floats) we decide to launch www.dockfloatsupply.com to offer more size and types. Also that year we decide to launch a new drive systems for boats with new patent designs for boats up to 3000 lbs.

Customers demand for larger floats for bigger boats gave us the idea to design a drive on dock for boats up to 23 feet long and 5000lbs which is the reason to add the model 3000 and 5000 Drive on Boat lift system to our product line

We launched a new patented design kayak dock to give customers a true kayak dock float with low entry design and gradual incline slop for easy loading and unloading

New warehouse is built in Chapin, South Carolina to give customers option to pickup and to ensure stock is available to implement a new “No Back Order” policy on our floats



Our topmost priority is making sure we deliver the right product to you within the stipulated time


We stand behind our goods and services and want you to be satisfied with them


NATIONWIDE SHIPPING Currently we ship to all states in the United States Of America